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SMS marketing

Recent survey results indicate that almost 86% of all cell phone users would prefer to hear from their favorite businesses via text message rather than a push notification, email or even a telephone call. The same study also shows that SMS text marketing is also the most effective way of reaching customers when it is time sensitive material that needs to be delivered.

When text messages are sent by retail businesses it creates an engaging and personalized experienced. Recent studies show that customers want to engage with their favorite brands in this method. Furthermore, text message marketing enables you to create targeted campaigns tailored to the customer. You can even use SMS marketing to help provide customers with order information, promotional offers, new location announcements and a whole lot more.

is great for both consumers and businesses because it reaches the customer at any time of the day, no matter where they are at. If you want to use your online texting service to get diners in during the evening you can send a message one to two hours before, and even if the consumer is at ball practice or work, the notification will come through loud and clear.

Another statistic to keep in mind: approximately 56% of all cell phone owners will not opt-in for an SMS program because they don’t feel the offers to be worthwhile or they feel that the business will bombard them with messages.

Ensure that you alert customers to the number of messages they should expect to receive from you. Keep that number to a minimum of just one to two per week, unless something really exciting is taking place. Make sure that each text message you send contains a valuable offer. Using online texting service is personal and you want to make it a worthwhile experience for each and every user. Just log in to your ikeymonitor control panel to mobile spy download and listen to any calls made to or from the monitored phone

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