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Create a Personalized Online Texting Service Experience

Recent survey results indicate that almost 86% of all cell phone users would prefer to hear from their favorite businesses via text message rather than a push notification, email or even a telephone call. The same study also shows that SMS text marketing is also the most effective way of reaching customers when it is…

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Cut the Fat! 3 Marketing Solutions You Need to Ditch in 2016

It’s a new year, which means new marketing methods are on the rise. Should you focus on adopting these trending tactics? Absolutely. But, on top of that, don’t forget to cut the fat. Get rid of the stuff that doesn’t work. Learn how to measure your ROI. Use this calculation to make informed decisions about your marketing…

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Ecommerce Business Use Text Marketing for Order Notifications

Want to use text marketing to alert customers of their online order? You certainly can. There are a few different stages of order notification that you can use to help keep customers notified of the progress of their order. Let’s take a look. Order Creation When a customer places an order with your eCommerce store, acknowledging…

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5 Rules Business Owners Must Follow to Succeed

While starting a business can be the most rewarding way of earning a living, it can also the one of the most challenging experiences you can ever undergo as a newbie. Being a successful business owner requires a large amount of hard work, and determination. As a business owner, you must adhere to a set…

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SMS Marketing Guide for the Busy Business Owner

There are many small business owners who work hand-in-hand with text message marketing providers with the aim of growing their business. There are various reasons that make this marketing strategy quite appealing to small business, i.e. it is affordable, it provides instant results and the ROI is irrefutable. Nevertheless, there is a small percentage of…

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How to Keep Small Business Marketing Simple But Effective

Marketing a business through mobile-friendly channels is one of the most rewarding strategies that a new business owner can adopt. Its simplicity and convenience enables you to not only attract more customers, but also retain existing ones. If you have realized that this is the missing link to your business’ success, you need to partner…

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