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SMS Text Marketing Kicks It Up a Notch with Email Capture
If you’ve worked in digital marketing for a while, you know the golden rule. Diversify your communication channels. Don’t just collect an email, or a phone number, and then call it good. Why is this ineffective? Let’s say you only collect mobile numbers. What happens
Spice Up Your Text Campaigns with These 3 Tricks

Spice Up Your Text Campaigns with These 3 Tricks

August 26, 2015 | SMS Marketing
SMS marketing isn’t just about words, words, and more words. In fact, it’s grown way beyond that. In the past few years, top providers have developed diverse feature lists that ultimately help you grow your list. So, if you’re just getting started with SMS marketing,

Our 6 Favorite Features from Top Text Message Marketing Companies
Text message marketing is so much more than back and forth mobile communication. In fact, it really has become a go to promotional tool, and allows business owners to immediately reach out to qualified and interested customers. Text message marketing is the perfect solution for
Trust an Online Texting Service with 90% of Your Mobile Revenue
Text marketing offers a multitude of benefits for both the business owner and subscriber. Don’t believe us? Check out these awesome facts below, and see for yourself. Approximately 90% of all Americans own a cell phone Of those cell phone owners, approximately 68% own a

Indiana Implements Text 911 for Emergency Assistance
Indiana is the first of the fifty states to implement a 911 texting program. In 88 of the state’s 92 counties, you can easily text 911 to receive immediate assistance. If you’re injured and unable to talk, this new emergency texting service is the perfect
Here’s a Few Mobile Marketing Techniques We Can’t Get Enough Of
We’re sure you’ve been told – mobile marketing is where it’s at. And, this comes to no surprise, as the majority of 20 somethings all the way up to golden agers own a mobile device. On top of that, these devices are usually within arms

Here’s Why a Shared Short Code is the Perfect Option for Small Business Owners
By now, you’re pretty familiar with the term short code. This special five or six digit number enables back and forth SMS communication. If you so choose, you have the power to obtain your own unique short code for your business. Usually, large corporations and
How to Choose an Online Texting Service for Your Restaurant
When picking an online texting service, choose wisely. Don’t partner up with a provider that just doesn’t understand your specific needs. Listed below are necessary text marketing features for your restaurant, as well as list promotion tips. Follow this advice when using text marketing

First 3 Things You Must Do After Joining an Online Texting Service
Up until recently, you had no idea how effective SMS marketing was. It took a few case studies, and a couple rounds of question and answer, but you’re now ready to get in the game. You partnered up with a top online texting service,
SMS Marketing Services Are Highly Beneficial for Nonprofit Fundraising Efforts
Your nonprofit organization serves an amazing purpose in the community, but if no one knows you exist, you’re missing out on great opportunities. No matter what type of nonprofit business you operate, to keep the donations flowing, you must market your services. These days there

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