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SMS Marketing Opens the Door to Small Business Savings
Tons of small business owners want to spread the word about their innovative products or services, but don’t have thousands of dollars to blow. That’s completely understandable, as everyone has to start somewhere. Owning a small business is an investment, and you must learn how
SMS Marketing Provides Efficient Communication Solutions
SMS marketing is perfect for small to medium sized businesses, as it offers immediate and affordable solutions that grow your bottom line. Beyond this, what exactly makes SMS marketing a go to tactic? Here a few benefits, we encourage you to read through this list

How to Give the Best Experience to Your SMS Marketing Subscribers
The folks over at Zediva love SMS marketing, and all that it has to offer. With that said, you should really prioritize high subscriber engagement rates, as this will in turn encourage continual offer redemption. If subscribers are looking forward to and expecting your
SMS Marketing Best Practices Focus Around This Concept

SMS Marketing Best Practices Focus Around This Concept

September 30, 2015 | SMS Marketing
We’ve briefed you before on SMS marketing best practices. At this point, you should understand how to follow CTIA guidelines, and compose a campaign that meets these standards. If you’re still struggling with these rules, check out the SMS Marketing Compliance Guidebook from Slicktext.com. To

How to Use SMS Marketing to Promote a Digital Product Launch
Tons of online thought leaders promote free digital downloads in exchange for mailing list opt in. This is a great way to build your digital sphere of influence, and promote electronic products to qualified readers. There definitely is money in a mailing list, but did
3 Habits That Screw Up Your SMS Marketing Success

3 Habits That Screw Up Your SMS Marketing Success

September 25, 2015 | SMS Marketing
SMS marketing is one of the most immediate and affordable marketing techniques for small business owners. You can quickly grow your business at the simple click of a button. But, if you refuse to follow SMS marketing best practices, you will definitely hinder your long

4 Gamechanging Facts About SMS Marketing

4 Gamechanging Facts About SMS Marketing

September 24, 2015 | SMS Marketing
Not everyone is familiar with the mobile communication tactic know as SMS marketing. Some think this tool is only reserved for businesses marketing to the younger generation, but this is actually the farthest thing from the truth. Check out these undeniably awesome statistics, and see
SMS Marketing Best Practices Preach These 3 Behaviors

SMS Marketing Best Practices Preach These 3 Behaviors

September 23, 2015 | SMS Marketing
SMS marketing best practices force you, the user, to focus on offering the best experience for your subscribers. There are certain compliance standards you must follow, at the bare minimum. With that said, failure to execute these three behaviors will easily result in low offer

3 Incorrect Assumptions You’re Making About SMS Marketing
To most, SMS marketing is still a fairly new concept. It highlights the importance of personalized mobile campaigns. It also showcases the effectiveness of mobile marketing, in general. But, there’s still tons of untrue myth out there about SMS marketing. Listed below are three that
Make Sure Your Online Texting Service Provides the Following Education
Your online texting service should, at the very minimum, brief you on the following. These are all crucial steps to success, and must be mastered in order to experience immediate results. If you fail to understand these important concepts, you’ll struggle to observe long term

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